Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hope to be back for good...

Been away for reaaaally long, and hope to be back updating this page soon!
I mean vigorously!
Life is still a big BLOB of mess for me, juggling work and demanding little ones.
For now, I will just end this note with a pic of serenity & peace.
At least, for me :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Last one standing...

This princess here.
She is turning one in less than a month's time.
I have not been very religious in keeping track of her milestones.
But I am guessing she is pretty okay in terms of what is expected of her development
at this point of time.
Except that...
 she is not attempting to use her feet to support her body in upright position.
At all.
In short, not attempting to stand.
So much so that, when nanny brought her to the clinic for cough,
she actually questioned the GP on whether there is something wrong with Bel's feet.
Because none of the child under her care from since yesteryears,
is still not developing this milestone at 12 months old!
This one, slow learner.
Paranoid attack can?!!
As you would have guessed.
Doc said its extremely normal.
And I second.
I do remember the boys have somewhat started to stand on their own at this point.
And started to grab whatever they can within reach at our knee level,
not just sitting
but wanting to cruise so badly that I have heart attack every time they do, fearing a bad fall.
So, I don't mind a `sitter' for the moment.
Bel glue her butt on the floor so tightly
that she can literally bend forward so hard to grab something far
and push herself backwards to a sitting position.
Without moving her butt an inch.
Imagine humpty-dumpty in a slow motion bending all over and back to position.
All the time.
Clever right?
Such consistency, even I cannot master.
I think this pampered girl is going to take her time.
And still very much preferred to be cuddled and carried.
It will take a while...
No auntie, she is not lazy
Not that she is finding herself heavy and bulky like a whale, come on.
And she does not have faulty feet.
Just a pair of dainty feet palm that wants a lot of pampering as long as they can get!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seeing RED...and WHITE

We brought the boys to the Central Fire Station this morning.
They are open for public from 9-11am on Saturday mornings.
Highly recommended activity for boring Saturdays.
Imagine the happiness on their faces.
To witness their toys coming to life.
We actually planned to hop over to the Heritage Gallery 
for a much more educational and interactive sessions
on the same theme, after the boys are done molesting the vehicles.
The climbing up and down the fire engine, 
recreating emergency scenes while on the steering wheels of the ambulance,
pulling and pressing the many buttons and knobs on the vehicle dashboard
proved to be rather exhausting.
After an hour of that alone, the boys pester me for food and iced milk tea.
Another day, perhaps.
Apparently there are atcually 3 rotations of fire-fighters doing demo and educating the public.
And in the order of Rota 3, 2 & 1.
We were told that only Rota 1 & 3 do demo and reenact fire-fighting scenes, or close to that.
And guess which Rota was on duty today?
2. Pfft..
Anyway, maybe, just maybe, if I have enough energy left over for the next weekend.
I may consider.
But we were entertained with a small demo on how fire-fighters came down the pole though.
American Style and Singapore Style. But not Gangnam Style.
In exact words of the staff.
Bet you didn't know that.
But yeah, they slide down the pole differently.
American style
Singapore style
There were also many kids enjoying the water play around the compound.
Yeah, it was wet everywhere!
Some kids had a go at holding the hose and spray some water.
I personally think it was rather mundane but still,
I try to show some excitement on my face and asked the boys to join the Q and try!
They both looked at it for a moment and said 'no'.
I must have looked silly for selling them that its fun!
We moved on and went back to the vehicles.
Ambulance and Fire Engines covered.
And you can guess what comes next.
"Police Car, mama. Call them, I wanna sit in one!'" Nat asked.
Not the right thing to hope for, boy.
So I told him, "No, they are busy going after the bad guys!"
Will do for now.
Am hoping to visit again when Rota 1 or 3 is on duty.
Shall keep track and storm the fire station again with the 2 boys!


Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Gong ssssxi Fa Cai

Here is wishing you a Prosperous
Happy Lunar New Year 2013
with more love,
good health & good wealth.

Monday, February 04, 2013

A Special Post

This, is a special post.
It is not exactly about us.
It is a post of remembrance, a reminder to self.
Singapore lost 3 young boys for the past week.
Andrew (12), Nigel (7) & Donovan (13),
you will be missed by all.
Singapore has grieved...
I couldn't stop tearing when I first encounter the news in the train, on my way home.
The lives of many residents in Singapore will not be the same again.
I know for sure that, to a certain a extent, ours have changed.
So tragic. So sudden. Unbelievably true.
Earlier this week, a 12 year old boy fell off his flat opposite ours and did not make it through.
When I look out of my window, I pictured the tragic scene, 
just as the news had described it.
For all I know, he may be one of the kids my boys mingle with at the playground downstairs.
1001 questions played in my mind, unanswered.
How did it happened? How do the parents cope? 
How will his younger brother ever understand this sudden loss,
sincerely hoping that the family are able to withstand the this time of testing, 
and perhaps grow stronger as a unit.
In our little household, my helper has been locking up the windows ever since.
She is slightly traumatized by the incident.
For the safety of the little boys, yes, we don't mind a little sauna home.
They have been describing what they see & hear to me that day. 
It is unfortunate for them to experience this.
Luckily, they have slowly forgotten about it.
But not me. Not my helper.
It serves as a timely reminder to keep the boys safe, away from the windows, 
Our windows are grilled except the kitchen where we dry our laundry, which is a forbidden zone.
As if  it was not devastating enough, a few days later, 
another horrific accident took the lives of 2 other boys,
who are in fact brothers, and the only children in the Yap household.
We were deeply saddened by this.
Hubby tried to share with me the last words the devastated mother said to the only children she had lost.
He could not finished them off as he held back his tears.
The mother said that,
Through her boys, she is very blessed.
She told the older boy to take care of his younger brother, as he had always did.
And to the younger boy, she reminded him not to bully his older brother,
and that his older brother loves him very very much.
A simple message but heart-wrenching enough to send chills down my spine.
For the 2 families who are still grieving the lost of their sons,
we know that no amount of consolation can compare with what you are going through now.
May you stand strong in this time of testing, and live on.
And for the 3 boys whose souls has ascended to heaven, may you rest in peace.
Please watch over your loved ones
and guide them to have faith in life and stay safe.
These events will serve to remind us time and again,
to love our children more and not taking them for granted.
No parents should be made to go through this pain.
The more my mind runs wild with my imagination, the more scared I become.
It made me very vulnerable.
These days, I find myself just looking at my kids, 
almost begging them to stay healthy and safe.
Not too much to ask for, I hope.

And I find myself giving them random hugs and kisses.
I missed them even when I am home,
and I am feeling terribly fortunate for each second they are safe and sound.
For each minute that they can still have their fights and all.
For every hour that I can spend with them.
I had pondered much about them and missed them so much...
As I am writing this, I am feeling truly blessed that they are all sleeping soundly,
after a mundane day of home works, fighting over toys, crying for attention...
Nathaniel (5yo), as the oldest of my brood,
I had always burden him with heavy responsibilities
to take care of Gab & Bel.
He knows it and is not complaining.
He sometimes tell me that he is busy doing just all that.
He reminds me when it is time for Gab's eye drop medication,
or helped me get ready the stuff I need for Bel's change of diaper,
or volunteers to play with Bel while I busy myself with things in the kitchen,
or makes sure Gab does not go into the lift without us,
or complimented my cooking just because I prepared them.
Such things.
He is sweet at that.
Gabriel (3.5yo), our middle child.
Oh, where do I start....
I hope he does not get the middle child syndrome.
We try to give him some responsibilities
and be conscious not to compare him with Nat.
He is a neat freak, an obedient boy but with overflowing pride.
Coming home, he will arrange is sandals nicely in the shoe rack while Nat just kicks them off in the air!
He is very sincere and loving but can be a real bully sometimes.
He is unhappy most of the time when things don't go his way.
But he says the sweetest things and generously spreading the love
to strangers and passer bys by greeting and inviting everybody home.
Not exactly what we wanted but it is the thought that counts.
Isabelle (8mo), as the youngest of them all,
is so girly and so spoilt.
yet she is so adorable and had never given us much trouble as a baby,
She seem to think that we are her world and always need company.
I hope that she grows up to be independent, sensible and healthy.
Being a girl, my worries for her is endless,
And I hope her brothers will be there for her and protect her always.

Dear precious children,
Papa & mama loves you all so very much.
Stay happy, healthy and safe always.
To a wonderful 2013 ahead for all of us :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Note for you...

Will be leaving my lovelies behind for 5 days and 4 nights
in exchange for some private time with the siblings and parents
in the land down under.
Please all behave and miss me just a little:P.
Will cuddle again soon!

Mealtime Madness

I have not been so adventurous introducing
solids to my girl.
Most of the time, I let the nanny do the job,
besides, she handled Nat and Gab before,
the more I am not the least bit worried.
She probably know the kids inside out more than the mother!
But yes, I did give Bel her much deserved meal of the day
during weekends or when she is home all day.
Not home made, just simple ready made rice cereal.
At this point, I have not really cooked her porridge or anything like that.
She is mood-dependent when she does eat.
And kept her lips locked if she is not into any swallowing exercise.
She much prefer liquid to solid.
DRAGON girl in the making?
Whether the kids like it or not, first makan photo is a must.
Historic, can?
Here is a picture of Nathaniel during his early makan days.
I was most adventurous with his food exposure.
I was bent on preparing all kinds of recipe for him
in the early days to ensure he is exposed to all variety, if I may.
So every weekend, I unleashed the kitchen goddess in me,
whip up one-bowl meal with the help of
and make him sample my creations.
Which is why, I guess, he now `finishes whatever given to him in the plate',
in the exact words of my helper.
He is messy in self-feeding, but at least he finishes them
and compliments the food if he really likes them.
Coincidently, Nathaniel was born in the year of PIG.
And Gabriel too, which I remembered was a breeze to feed.
Whatever happens now, Gabriel?
Why is it that you take ages to swallow the food?
And reluctantly eat your meat or vege?
Gab would chew them for the longest time
before deciding that he cannot swallow them!
He is born in the year of OX by the way.
Can you see what I am deriving at here?
Linking their chinese zodiacs?
Just for fun :)
Anyway, Gab can spot every single green thing on his plate effortlessly,
and outright rejects them.
So much so that we had to wrap the smallest bit of greens in every spoonful of rice.
So that they get pass his mouth!
Even so, he can effortlessly pull out the leafy green in seconds!
Though choosy, Gab has the capacity to eat.
I don't know where the nutrients have gone to
he seems to be underweight and bony to me.
We even tried 2 doses of deworming medication on him,
hoping that it would clear whatever that has been sharing his nutrients.
But that wasn't it.
Nowadays, I put in extra effort to make the boys enjoy heavy breakfast.
Weekends only.
So far it has been good as I attempted to be more playful with the food presentation
after inspiration from various mommy doing charabens
They finished everything!
Here is my few attempts playing with food.
Police car & fire truck series.
These are actually french toast cut to shape before pan-frying.
With maple syrup, smarties, grapes and honey stars.
Robot and crab?
Whatever it is, I ran out of idea.
Cut-out bread with peanut butter spread, egg rolls, grapes, cheddar cheese slices
Blooms in the garden
Cut-out bread with jam decorated with
sausages, egg, potato slices, seaweed and honey stars.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Showroom turn Garage

I always have problems with toy storage.
Whatever the solution is,
it does not last...
and the problem will reappear again periodically.
and you will find me sattempting to declutter, filter & contemplate with each toy,
with a mixture of feelings.
Part of me just wanted to chuck the broken ones away,
yet another part of me becomes all emo,
remembering the very existence of each toy,
the sentimental value, the memories, the ocassions...
Such difficult task.
In the end, I always ended up saving most of the broken toys
a space in the storage racks just for a little longer
to make it more worthwhile.
BIG Mistake, I know.
In our household,
by the time when Nathaniel was in toddlerhood,
we had just need to deal with a humble basket of toys and such,
I had my helper sterilise them everyday
as he was also gnawing on them.
I practically can count them with 2 hands
and know exactly which one or parts are missing at any one time!
As Nat grew, we had to look out for a more reliable storage solution.
Such brilliant and contemporary storage system.
I am sure most household has them in different variations!
We had only one of these.
And then we added one more,
and another.
This is not working.
 I am actually archiving the toys?
Plus, the boys get bored with the toys so easily
that at this rate, we will be having a library of them!
So the major decluttering began when we moved house,
after 4 years of toys archiving :P
I think I parted with one whole rack of toys,
with the boys' consent.
And, decided we should keep to just 2 racks at any point of time.
The third rack is now in the study room for our electronics and stationeries
These days, 2 racks are sufficient
although at times, we see `illegal' & unauthorised boxes lying around the house
which we can't touch as they contain toys on the highly wanted list.
You know, toy of the month thingy,
We do not want to upset the owner so we let it be.
On the side note, was just wondering what Bel
will be playing with when she is older,
not all wheels and engines I hope,
I have enough of those already!
Decluttering happens more often nowadays.
They are bound to be toys that are reduced to bones.
You can find parts of vehicles lying around,
mismatched bits,
torn stickers,
broken parts,
bite marks,
all sort of misfortune befall those
once upon a time shiny and polished toy cars.
the house has literally transformed
from a sexy car showroom to a rundown garage.
So, I collected them all and painfully put them away,
Rest in peace, you have served us well.